Opening of the Third Eye; Discernment

In the actuality of universal truth words and appearances mean very little. They are just part of the human drama. People can say one thing and do another. They can organize their appearance and words to be used in selective presentation. Words and images can also be loaded with connotation to influence people’s impressions. Thus, intentions are easily concealed. Most of us will admit that we understand this if asked, however in practice many of us are unable to discern the intention of what we are exposed to in day to day life. That is the consequence of spiritual ignorance; the inability to discern true from not true.

It isn’t until the spiritual energy is active in the third eye chakra that one is able to observe the essence of what is; beyond definition and form. Up until that point one relies heavily on their perception which is created by the intellect, programmed by beliefs, and dependent on information that is of an external influence. They are bound to the minds of others by either agreeing or disagreeing.

There is a difference between the world the way it is and the way one see’s the world. One is true and the other is not true. Thus, one must surrender the way they see the world in order to see it for what it is. As long as the ego has any say in the way one lives that person is limited to perception. One must surrender their thinkingness and feelingness to allow the truth of what is to shine forth. Truth is truth no matter what. The only thing that stands between the truth and it’s realization is a person’s mind.

The truth is that the world is perfectly unfolding. It’s perfect because the world is what it is as it emerges. If one realizes that the purpose of this world is the evolution of consciousness then it becomes very obvious that whatever arises is just the way consciousness is evolving in the form of worldy life at that time. Evolution is impartial to opinion. There is no person causing the world, rather the world is emerging as a consequence of consciousness. This realization is experientially verified at awareness levels of beingness (see article ‘Havingness, Doingness, Beingness’ for reference) — that is when the third eye of the buddhic body opens up one’s capacity to observe life’s essence.

Until one experiences awareness levels of beingness they will have a difficult time accepting the world the way it is. At awareness levels of havingness and doingness the ego claims sovereignty and so everything that arises is perceived relative to that. As the personal self is strongly reinforced the world is interpreted within a self indulgent paradigm. Such a person can’t help but identify with their thoughts and get emotional about them — which is the core of narcissism. The consequence of narcissism is personal projection onto the way things are. Such a person is attached to the way they see the world so they can’t observe life the way it actually is; which is divine. The ego has already elected itself as ‘god’ and that is what propels the insistence that things should be changed.

Now it’s not that such people should be convinced otherwise — they too are consciousness in the process of evolution and their awareness is also a consequence of that. They must process the karma that binds them to their point of view and discontent. And so — evolutionary speaking — they too are perfect as they are. All people are experiencing what they should be by virtue of what they are on a conscious level.

It is apparent when the third eye opens that there is no right or wrong. ‘Right and wrong’ is seen for what it is — a polarity created by the mind that disconnects us from the truth of oneness. Of course, the experience of oneness is ultimate grace.

It is understood that what is expressed in these articles can challenge the way people commonly view the world. That is essential for the mind to turn it’s awareness within itself. One will know whether the intention of this writing aligns with their own if the experience help’s open one’s mind to what is possible in this life. It’s all about what one seeks. Which at the end of the day must be good as it is part of evolution. Much love.

Thanks for reading and more to come,





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